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It is less than a year since this Bihar Site first appeared on the web..and what an experience it has been, simply overwhelming! Thanks to all of you who have visited and cared to write, the content has kept on improving. The realization that there was a pent up feeling in all of us to have a site like this, and that these pages have fulfilled that need, has been most satisfying. My amateurish effort has been well worth it! So, thank you all!!

Many of you have expressed a desire to have a directory of Biharis, and friends of Bihar, who are spread out all over the whole world; that is, a Directory of the Bihari Diaspora!

To fulfill that desire I have devised a Form for your convenience.
Please click here to view, fill, and submit that form.

Upon receipt of your response I shall happily do the rest and post it in our Directory section for others to view.

We may find lost friends, know about each other, get in touch, and know of individual accomplishments.