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Train No: Train Name Lv Delhi Arr Patna Lv Patna Arr Calcutta
4084 Mahnanda Exp 0640 0105 0120 To Jalpaiguri
5622 NE Exp 2340 1500 1510 To Guwahati
3008 Toofan Exp 0750 0531 0543 1810
2402 Shramjeevi Exp 1320 0655    
2304 Poorva Exp (On 3,4,6,7) 1630 0730 0745 1615
2424 Rajdhani Exp (2,3,6) 1400 0220 0230 To Guwahati
2310 Patna Rajdhani Exp (4,7) 1700 0800    
2306 Rajdhani Exp (1,5) 1700 0505 0515 1230
4056 Brahmaputra Mail 2105 1225 1235 To Dimapur
2392 Magadh-Vikramshila Exp 2000 1055 1220  
3484/3414 Farrakha Exp 2145 2040 2050 To Malda
3112 Sealdah (Lal Quila) Exp 2205 1816 1825 0715


Train No: Train Name Lv Calcutta Arr Patna Lv Patna Arr Delhi
5621 NE Exp   0010 0020 1645
3483/3413 Farrakha Exp Fr Malda 0605 0615 0603
3111 Sealdah Delhi (Lal Quila) Exp 2015 0710 0725 0335
3039 Janta Exp 2100 0840 0850 0845
2401 Shramjeevi Exp     1110 0520
4055 Brahmaputra Mail Fr Dimapur 1310 1323 0530
2303 Poorva Exp (On1,2,5,6) 0915 1700 1713 0805
2391 Magadh Vikramshila Exp Fr Patna   1800 1040
2305 Rajdhani Exp (3,7) 1345 2050 2100 1000
2309 Patna Rajdhani Exp (2,6)     1900 1009
2423 Rajdhani Exp (1,3,5) Fr Guwahati 2050 2100 1000
3007 UdayanAbha Toofan Exp 0945 2110 2120 2125
4083 Mahananda Exp Fr Jalpaiguri 2332 2345 1825


Train Number Leave Patna Arrive Ranchi Train Number Leave Ranchi Arrive Patna
8625 Pat-Hatia Exp 1005 2055 8626 0625 1630
8621 Patliputra Exp 1550 0540 8622 2140 1146
8623 Pat-Hatia Exp 2115 0850 8624 1840 0600


Train Number Leave Patna Arrive Tatanagar Train Number LeaveTatanagar Arrive Patna
3288 Pat-Tata Exp 2030 0745 3287 1920 0640


Train Number Train Name Leave Patna Arrive Mumbai Days
3447 Bhagalpur-Dadar Exp 1515 2320 2,3,5,7
3201 Patna-Kurla Exp 2320 1150  


Train Number Train Name Leave Mumbai Arrive Patna Days
3448 Dadar-Bhagalpur Exp 0755 1405 2,4,5,7
3202 Kurla-Patna Exp 2110 0845  


Train Number Train Name Leave Patna Days Arrive Madras Days
6044 Patna-Chennai Exp






Train Number Train Name Leave Madras Days Arrive Patna Days
6043 Chennai-Patna Exp 1335 2, 4 0740 4, 6



Most Important: All timings are only representative to give you an idea. Check with Indian Railways about the current timings. They do change, but by only by a small degree.

The author of this site certainly provides no guarantee that "the trains shall run on time!"


Classes of Service: On almost all trains, First Class, Second Class Sleeper, and Second Class.

On some trains, for example, Rajdhani Express, also - Air-conditioned (AC), AC Chair Cars, and AC Sleepers. AC Sleeper is also available on Patna-Ranchi and Ranchi-Patna.

AC class has compartments configured in two styles. One type has four berths, hence four people travel in one "room". The other type, fewer in number, has only two berths in a compartment. This is the so called "coupe". Both types have a wash basin and a small closet. A set of two attendants travel in the compartment. Linen, pillows and blankets are provided fee by the attendants. They will also take order for meals and care for your other needs during the travel. A tip is expected. This should be the preferred mode of travel.

AC Sleepers are like a community hall. Cubicles containing two sets of bunk beds, arranged in tiers of 2 or 3, open into a long corridor running lengthwise. Another row of berths runs along the corridor. The opening of each cubicle can be closed with a cloth curtain. This partition does not insulate one from conversations of other passengers, and general communal activity that may go on in your compartment. Indian travelers are notoriously garrulous. So if you are not the anti-social kind, join in and have fun. Who knows, at the end of the journey you would have made a few new friends! Don't be offended if, at the very outset, a fellow passenger wants to know all about you. Privacy is a concept not very common in Indian society, and certainly not in Bihar.

AC Chair cars are comfortable, but that is what they are: rows of reclinable chairs in a long compartment.

First Class is like AC in its configuration and amenities, except that, it has no air-conditioning and there are no attendants.

Second Class Sleeper is where most of the "natives" travel. The configuration is: three tiers of wooden bunks, two sets of three on opposite sides, opening into a long corridor which runs from one end of the compartment to another. The middle row is folded down during the day so that you can sit comfortably. A row of two tiers of benches runs along the corridor. . This is where you will meet a cross-section of India. So, if you want to save some money, don't mind the heat and the dust, and the noise, join in with the masses and learn all about the joys and sorrows of the common man in India! Be careful about your belongings, should you decide to get some sleep. Travel light. Always hold on to your wallet!It is not your fellow passengers you should be suspicious of, but people who may get on from wayside rail stations and help themselves with your property when they get off at the next stop!