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New addition to Patna skyline
Kargil Memorial
At the NE corner of Gandhi Maidan
Elphinstone cinema is on the right

Kargil Memorial  : Close-up


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September 30, 2013

Today is a day for celebration for all of Bihar, and especially for this site.

Almost two decades ago, this site was born, when the world-wide web was in its infancy, to inform the world about my native state; and to launch an effort to get rid of the dark forces unleashed by Laloo Yadav in the state, which once was the pride of India and the birthplace of luminaries of modern India, such as Rajendra Prasad, Sachchidanand Sinha, Jay Prakash Narayan and many others.

In fact, the goal of this site is stated at the very masthead.

Today, finally, after a long trial, and having used every legal manoeuvre available to him, a CBI court in Ranchi has convicted Laloo and sent him to jail. Under the current law, he loses his membership in the Lok Sabha, and is barred from contesting any election for years to come.

For Bihar this is deliverance. Perhaps, the final chapter in the ugly history of modern Bihar has come to an end. "Perhaps" because many believe that, as in the past, Laloo, ever the conniver and boot-licker of those in power, may succeed in coming out of the prison and continue with his nefarious games with a vengeance. After all, he has been in a jail before but that did not prevent him from enjoying the perks of power through his illiterate and truly dehati wife and roguish saalas (brothers-in-law).

But today, the saalas, Subhash and Sadhu, are pariahs in Bihar politics, and Rabri, the wife, is a spent force, having already lost in a state election. In the past, Laloo, had boasted about being a "muqaddar ka sikandar" - a favourite son of Dame Fate. We hope, Dame Fate will not continue her cruelty to Bihar.

There has been no shortage of crooked politicians all over the world who have enriched themselves and their relatives at the expense of the people. But Laloo has been unique to have brought ridicule to the people of a whole state. His boorish behaviour regaled the people of India, including members of the parliament. But for the people of Bihar it became a source of intense pain, since Laloo's antics came to be thought of as characteristic of all Biharis.

The extortion of businessmen by his cronies and relatives led to the flight of businesses from the state. His callous indifference to the educational institutions led to an exodus of young men and women out of the state in search of acquring skills. Not merely a lack of any development work, but outright destruction of industry and commerce forced Bihari workers to flee to other parts of India in search of job and sustenance. In short, Biharis became refugees in their own land subject to all the hardships refugees all over the world have to endure.

Bihar, which until the advent of Laloo, boasted of an educational system on par with the best in India, which had a thriving economy, and a civil administration that was exemplary to the rest of the country sank into a morass in all spheres. Laloo, single handedly, turned this shining land into an "area of darkness".

It will take a long time, a very long time indeed, to undo all the damage done by Laloo and his nefarious gang. But so long as his political base is diminished, so long as he cannot be a power broker in Delhi, so long as his cronies can no longer wreak havoc in Bihari society, there can be nothing but hope and opportunity for a better Bihar, once more.  


Updated May 15 2010

A far cry from the dark ugly days of Laloo-Rabri-Sadhu's Bihar.
Nitish's modern Bihar emerges from the area of darkness to the light of modern age

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An Unsung Creative Genius of Modern Bihar

It is with great personal pleasure that I bring to your notice the works of Dr. Anunaya Chaubey. These are just a few examples of this young, but by now well-established, artist. His works have been shown at an international exhibition in Toronto, Canada.
 Anunaya is not merely an artist par excellence, but he is also a scholar of the English language (an authority on the poet Ezra Pound), a highly respected teacher of English at the Patna University, and an able administrator who, through many a vicissitudes, has pulled out the Patna College of Arts and Crafts from the deep morass into which it had sunk.

Please click here for a sample of his recent works.

Please click here for a brief description of the Patna College of Arts and Crafts.

Anunaya also serves as the Secretary of Bihar Lalit Kala Academy. Please click here for the home page of Bihar Govt.'s Department of Youth, Art, and Culture.

A touching and brief biography of our own Rajen Babu as it appears at the President of India's website -  which, incidentally, gets a crore hits a day. Please click here
Selfless service of two Bihar bureaucrats in coaching impoverished Bihari youth for IIT admission tests attracts the attention of international press. Click here for full-page article in "Business Week"
And here for the article in New York Times of June 25, 2005
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